Thembani & Adriana

InterContinental Hong Kong Wedding


bride and groom posing for photos at their InterContinental hong kong wedding

Wedding Photography & Videography

Weddings at the InterContinental Hong Kong are always a pleasure for us to capture as a team.

Adriana and Thembani opted for full coverage of their day with our photography and video package and they couldn’t of been happier with the results.

The InterContinental Hong Kong wedding venue provides everything you need to have a fantastic celebration.

As Hong Kong wedding photographers and videographers we love having the opportunity to capture different cultures.

Combining Zimbabwean and Chinese traditions was a really exciting prospect from the outset and Adriana and Themabani definitely provided us with lots of great moments to document throughout the day.

We believe we have truly captured the raw emotion of the day whilst providing stylish images that the couple can treasure for ever.

To find out more about their day have a good read through this blog and view their gorgeous wedding.

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A Little Bit About The InterContinental Hong Kong Wedding Venue

This Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel has always been famous for its unrivalled harbour views. A great wedding venue and a dream to photograph it’s also renowned for it’s amazing accommodation, impeccable service and world- class restaurants.

Having shot many weddings at the InterContinental Hong Kong we can say with absolute confidence that you will receive stunning photographs.

Renowned as one of Hong Kong’s most glamorous and prestigious wedding venues it has played host to lots of celebrity weddings.

The pristine, elegant and sweeping marble staircase leads couples to their dream wedding and is an amazing feature of this simply stunning venue.

The position of the InterContinental hotel wedding venue offers couples amazing backdrops to their wedding photographs. It is located on the popular Salisbury Road, Kowloon and benefits from easy access to the waters edge along the harbour.

What are our favourite spots for wedding photos?

Obviously with the hotel being located on the waters edge there are endless possibilities and photo opportunities around the hotel itself.

However, additionally to these shots Adriana and Thembani really wanted some greenery in their photos so we suggested heading over to Signal Hill Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Located just across the road from the InterContinental Hotel this gave us a great chance to get some intimate and loving shots in amongst the peaceful gardens. In addition it also gave the couple a chance to experience some quiet moments away from the hectic excitement of the mornings events (more on that in a little while)

It really is hard to take a bad photo when you are presented with such an amazing view. The terrace at the InterContinental is a must have wedding photography location if you get married there. It truly is one of the best available of of the city and takes our breath away every single time.

Whether you intend to have an elegant and sophisticated banquet in the legendary Salisbury Room or an outdoor wedding in the beautiful Garden Suite you are sure to have a fantastic day. As wedding photographers our job is made much easier when the location is as beautiful as this.

Like many wedding venues in Hong Kong the InterContinental offers couples a wide variety of choice and accommodates a range of wedding party sizes.

There are four options available to you at the InterContinental wedding venue.

couple smiling and laughing during their wedding photography session

InterContinental Hotel Ballroom Weddings

The Ballroom features the stunning white marble staircase and is considered as one of the most elegant venues in the whole of Hong Kong. Many celebs have posed on this famous staircase and it plays host to countless weddings throughout the year. You ascend this spectacular feature to exchange vows in a spacious ballroom foyer. After this the room is transformed in to an elegant pre-banquet and cocktail reception. The hotels legendary ballroom has hosted some of Hong Kong’s most amazing parties over the years and they want your wedding to be no different. This large room is suited to people who are having a huge amount of guests with potential for 60 tables to adorn the grand ballroom.

Harbourview Function Room Weddings

The Harbourview Function Room is ideal if your wedding is perhaps a little more intimate. As the name suggests this room offers great panoramic views of the city which your guests are sure to be impressed with. Whether it’s a wedding lunch or dinner you have planned you can celebrate with amazing views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. As we have previously mentioned the Harbourview Function Room typically accommodates smaller wedding parties up to 18 tables. You would be hard pressed to find a wedding venue with harbour views as breathtaking as InterContinental Hong Kong’s.

Presidential Suite Weddings

The Presidential suite is a great place to declare your love for one another with your intimate vows.  A truly exclusive venue suited for intimate wedding ceremonies. Imagine exchanging your declarations of love to one another with panoramic views in the background. It is not hard to see why this venue is one of the most popular in Hong Kong.

Terrace Suite Weddings

The Terrace Suite at InterContinental Hong Kong offers a unique and unrivalled wedding experience. This is simply a sensational place to get married and can accommodate 60 guests. Every single person you invite will be blown away by the views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. It really is the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception. Getting married outside always brings a little excitement with it for us as a team on Hong Kong wedding photographers and offers the best photographs of your amazing wedding with stunning backdrops.

InterContinental Hotel Wedding Videography

Adriana and Thembani were not content with having us just document their day in photographic form, they wanted the complete package.

Having done same day edits at the InterContinental Hong Kong before we knew that they were in for a treat when they viewed it back on the large projector.

Seeing our work displayed in this way is more than we could of ever imagined when we started the business all those years ago. It really is like showing your film at the cinema with everyone gathered round with eyes fixated on the screen.

Our same day edit option is a really great opportunity for all you guests to see what you have been up to throughout the day. At the same time it gives you an instant teaser of the amazing work our video team is capable of.

This particular couple received various videos in addition to their photos and we believe it does offer complete coverage of the day as nothing gets missed.

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groom being filmed before meeting bride at the InterContinental hotel

The Story Of The Day

An InterContinental Hong Kong wedding is always a joy for us to capture. The rooms are spacious and can therefore accommodate some of the more raucous activities that go in to a Chinese wedding.

Adriana and Thembani chose to have Koda shoot this wedding so the vast majority of shots in this blog post are by our head of photography.

We always offer couples two types of photographers to cover weddings. A ‘snap photographer’ who focuses on the raw documentary side of the day, capturing stunning details and leading the photoshoot. In addition we provide a ‘standard photographer’ who’s job it is to capture family formals and generally assist the ‘snap photographer’ to achieve amazing images.

This wedding was a mix of Zimbabwe culture and Chinese traditions which offered a unique experience for our team.

There was so much fun and joy throughout the day as well as some heartfelt moments that didn’t leave a dry eye in sight.

Bridal Preparation

The advantage of having a wedding take place at one venue is that it logistically allows more time for the various aspects of a wedding.

Adriana and Thembani both got ready at the InterContinental Hotel but we headed to bridal preparation first.

When we arrived nice and early Adriana and her bridesmaids were already up and preparing the bride for her big day. It wasn’t long before the bridesmaids helped Adriana in to her traditional Chinese Kua.

Needless to say at this point things got very emotional and even more so when Adriana mum got involved. We love capturing emotions like this even if we were holding back the tears ourselves at this point.

Groom Preparations

Shortly after bridal preparations we headed over to Thembani to see what he was up to with his groomsmen.

This wedding party were particularly joyful and charismatic and were an absolute pleasure to photograph. They provided the laughs when they were needed and the serious emotion at the same time. It really was an amazing experience for our team to capture.

Thembani was getting dressed in to his traditional clothing and at the same time him and his groomsmen were worrying about what the bridemaid’s had in store for them.

Chinese Door Games

We always love capturing Chinese door games and this wedding was no different.

The wedding door games are challenges set by the bridesmaid’s for the groom and his groomsmen as a way to prove the grooms love for his bride. Adriana’s bridesmaids set some great challenges which made for some exciting photo and video opportunities.

Their tasks included a photo jigsaw, dancing, singing and completing sentences by filling in the missing words. Some might say the bridesmaid’s went easy on them compared to some who typically make the groom eat spiced cakes and wear women’s underwear.

However, after great endeavour from Thembani and his groomsmen they successfully accomplished the challenges and paved the way for the final task. Thembani would have to complete this one on his own before he could set his sights on his beloved Adriana.

As you can see from the video this involved some very questionable singing but he accomplished his goal.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The final part of the mornings activities involved the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.

This is where Adriana and Thembani presented tea on their knees to Adriana’s parents to drink. There was also an exchange of wedding jewellery at this point and heartfelt words delivered to the bride and groom.

Photo Shoot in Traditional Chinese Clothing

As with many of our Hong Kong weddings we like to show off the various outfits that our couples choose to wear. Typically our bride and groom will be in traditional Chinese clothing for the morning section and then a white dress and suit for the evening. We like to get some couples shots in both outfits as it provides more variance to our overall coverage.

Adriana and Thembani were clearly open to our suggestions and wanted to make the most of the glorious views. As a result we used the terrace of the hotel and some interior locations to capture images of them in their traditional Chinese outfits.

New Outfits and First Look

A first look is a very western idea whereby the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. It’s very popular in America and Adriana and Thembani really embraced the opportunity to try it.

We intervened with the set up a little and had Thembani wait at the bottom of one of the InterContinental’s stair cases.

When he saw Adriana in her white dress for the first time he couldn’t hide his emotions and we revelled in capturing this on camera.

As previously mentioned we headed over to Signal Hill Garden’s for some couple shots. We also took the bridal party with us and created some fun shots in front of Black Head Point Tower.

Wedding Ceremony in Harbourview Function Room

The exchange of vows and wedding rings in the Harbourview Suite was truly spectacular. Adriana and Thembani were surrounded by their nearest and dearest and the atmosphere was palpable.

Adriana looked stunning in her white dress (and Thembani didn’t look too bad in his white suit either). This couple share a true love for one another and it really was amazing to see.

New Outfits and Zimbabwe Traditional Dancing

After the first part of the banquet came to a close the pair got changed in to traditional Zimbabwean wedding outfits.

Thunderous applause greeted the couple as they entered the room shortly followed by a Zimbabwe wedding tradition.

As a Hong Kong wedding team we were truly honoured to witness this as it was a completely new experience for all of us. Thembani’s family had a stash of money that they were throwing at the couple whilst dancing.

We love capturing fun and fresh things at weddings as it makes our job so much more interesting and exciting.

bridesmaids laughing with groom during his wedding

Who were the suppliers for the wedding?

As you will already know at this point Adriana and Thembani chose us to cover both the photography and video at their InterContinental Hong Kong wedding.

However, they also chose some amazing suppliers including some from Australia to help complete their big day. All the suppliers combined together made it a feast for the eyes and our cameras to capture.

The details were sublime and everything looked absolutely amazing. Like us, many of the suppliers are familiar with InterContinental Hong Kong weddings so have a wealth of experience to draw on when planning for this venue.

Below is a selection of some of the suppliers who contributed to making this such an awesome day to capture on camera.

Hair and Make-up

Joman Wedding are a team of experienced professional makeup artists and hair stylists who specialise in natural and timeless bridal styling. Elyse from Joman Wedding did Adriana’s makeup and as you can see from the photo’s she did a flawless job that was unique to her.

Wedding Florist

The florist for Adriana and Thembani’s InterContinental wedding was Lemongrass Wedding Floral and Accessories. They specialise in wedding flowers for events based in Hong Kong. Lemongrass products are created with elegant thought and a fashionable twist and come with a quality guarantee.

Wedding & Engagement Rings

Since opening its doors in 1976 Xennox Diamonds have been renowned as Brisbane, Australia’s premier, bespoke, diamond engagement and wedding ring specialists. They are passionate about helping couples in love select or create their dream ring.

Bridal Gown

Kitty Chen Coutoure is a unique, passionate and innovative young designer who launched her first bridal line in 2004. She has since become an industry dynamo whose sexy and elegant styles have continued to wow brides, and their grooms the world over.

Grooms Suit

Urbbana is an expression of luxury and a brand that bases its reputation on excellence and quality of all products from elegant fabrics to exceptional stitching. As you can see from the photos and video Thembani looked absolutely awesome in his suit.

Xhosa Traditional Attire and Beads

Irene Ada from Zulubeads is passionate about African decoration and in particular South African accessories. She loves the pop of colour they bring to an outfit without overpowering. Irene believes that wearing a handmade accessory connects a person to the bead maker in ways that artificial jewellery can never do.

Ideas When planning an InterContinental Hong Kong Wedding

Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas and inspiration on what is possible for a wedding at the InterContinental Hong Kong.

It is a highly in demand venue and it is easy to see why with its unbeatable views of the city.

If you are having your wedding at the InterContinental Hong Kong we would love it if you would consider us. Our experience working in this venue gives us a unique advantage on capturing the best images for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Even if you don’t book us to photograph your special day though we still highly recommend you make use of the terrace and the surrounding areas for your wedding photos.

With its world renowned reputation you are sure to have an amazing day if you choose this as your wedding venue.