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The Peak Pre Wedding


happy couple on their pre wedding at the peak

Pre Wedding Photography

Engagement shoots or Pre wedding photography at The Peak is top of our list of recommended places for engaged couples looking for photos in Hong Kong.

The Peak offers such natural backdrops to pre wedding photographs that we are always drawn back here. No two shoots are ever the same and we can create such unique pre wedding images here no matter the weather conditions.

Maggie and Nick chose The Peak pre wedding location after seeing our shoot at Victoria Peak Gardens. They fell in love with the images we had created and wanted the same results for their own pre wedding photography.

Being so high up the weather is somewhat unpredictable but we revel in this challenge. The misty setting for Maggie and Nick’s wedding made for some atmospheric and romantic images and we are really happy with what we achieved.

bride being photographed by the pavilion at victoria peak gardens

About The Peak

One of our absolute favourite locations for pre wedding photography in Hong Kong is The Peak.

Also known as Victoria Peak it is the highest vantage point you can get on Hong Kong Island and makes for the perfect location for pre wedding photography.

The Peak has been Hong Kong’s most exclusive neighbourhood for decades and it is easy to see why. The rich and famous are easily drawn to the view of one of the worlds most spectacular cityscapes.

The picture perfect view from The Peak attracts a lot of tourists as well as Hong Kong’s wedding photographer community. Each day presents new and exciting possibilities for The Peak pre wedding photography as the view is ever changing.

At mid day the skyscrapers glisten in the sunlight offering clear views of Victoria Harbour all the way to the green hills of the New Territories.

Wait up there until golden hour and The Peak takes on a whole new persona bathed in warm sunlight. This can make for some truly dramatic and stunning pre wedding photos.

Equally after dark the city is lit up allowing us to get creative with off camera flash to incorporate the cities twinkling skyline.

We have done many pre wedding shoots at The Peak and each time we do we always come away with images that we are proud of.

bride looking at groom during their pre wedding at the peak

Why Do We Love Pre Wedding Photography at the Peak?

Maggie and Nick really wanted their pre wedding photography to be as natural and as beautiful as possible.

Victoria Peak Gardens offers a variety of different environments as backdrops to create stunning images which made it the ideal location for this happy couple.

From the array of Pavillion’s to the different types of flowers and trees we are never short of a good photo opportunity.

Another benefit of Pre wedding photography at The Peak is that it allows us to be natural in our approach to taking photos. We can walk around a route, chat about your wedding plans, and occasionally stop for photos at the most picturesque spots. If our couples are comfortable with us then this usually makes for the best photos in our opinion.

Pre wedding photography at The Peak is a great option for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Hong Kong streets and we really couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Check out Maggie and Nicks stunning images below and let us know if you would like us to capture your pre wedding.


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