Yin Mey and Barry

The Repulse Bay Wedding


bride and groom under a red umbrella at their The Repulse Bay wedding

Outdoor Weddings at The Repulse Bay

You really can’t beat an outdoor wedding can you!? The sun shining, the fresh air and the gorgeous natural light all make for amazing wedding photographs.

Yin Mey and Barry’s Repulse Bay wedding was just perfect and this couple really made the most of this amazing venue to host a truly spectacular celebration.

From start to finish we really felt like we were part of the wedding which is always a bonus as wedding photographers.

Blending amongst the guests really helps us to capture emotional and intimate wedding photos which always makes for the best shots.

Which Venues Did They Use For Their Repulse Bay Wedding?

If you are planning a wedding at The Repulse Bay then you really are spoilt for choice with the venues.

From The Verandah, The Front Lawn, The Marquee, The Reading Room and the Seaview Terrace they all retain the sophisticated and relaxed charm of the hotel itself.

Our couple chose two wedding venues at the Repulse Bay and both made great locations for wedding photography.

Seaview Terrace

Barry and Yin Mey chose the gorgeous Seaview Terrace as their Ceremony location to declare their love for one another. It was a magical Ceremony to capture even if Yin Mey did have to reach for her coat at one point as the sea breeze flew in. Situated with a stunning and unique panoramic sea view it really does make for a spectacular location to say ‘I do’.

The Marquee

Marquee’s are always great to photograph in as they provide great lighting and backdrops for our photographic style.  A marquee reception is ideal if you are after something with a more causal feel like Yin Mey and Barry were. The marquee at The Repulse Bay is capable of catering for large wedding parties up to approximately 200 guests. This couple chose to share their day with 100 guests and the marquee looked amazing with the suppliers they had chosen to decorate it.

wedding details from The Repulse Bay wedding photography session

The benefits of a January wedding

In our opinion January is one of the perfect months to get married if you want awesome wedding photos.

The weather is typically cool, dry and cloudy which is the perfect mix of conditions for outdoor pictures.

A lack of sun on your wedding day may sound like a bad thing but trust us it isn’t. Cloud cover provides the perfect soft box for wedding photos and means you won’t be squinting because the sun is in your eyes all day. It also means that you won’t have harsh shadows and unflattering light which can otherwise ruin an excellent location.

The cooler months also make for a more relaxed atmosphere to weddings as people don’t mind being inside or outside.

Yin Mey and Barry opted for a combination of the two with their marquee evening reception and their outdoor ceremony at The Repulse Bay.

Suppliers for this Wedding

Hair and Make-Up

Having been Hong Kong wedding photographers for a while now we have become accustomed to working with the same suppliers time and time again. We are always impressed by the job that Joman Wedding do of creating flawless looks for the Brides we photograph. They have done more than 500 weddings in Hong Kong and Overseas since starting their business and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Brides Gown

I think everyone will agree that Yin Mey looked spectacular in her beautiful dress from Audella Bridal House. They offer lots of choice for Brides who are based in Hong Kong with made to order couture from Alon Livne, Berta Bridal, Ersa Atelier, Inbal Dror, Lee Petra Grebenau & Mira Zwillinger. Seriously if you are getting married in Hong Kong then this is the place to visit.

Decoration and Event Styling

Only Mine specialise in bespoke luxury event planning in Hong Kong and Asia. They provided the flowers and various decorations for Yin Mey and Barry’s wedding and did a fabulous job of making the venue a dream to photograph.

Sweet Table

One of the focal points at this Repulse Bay wedding was the mouth watering sweet table. The cake and sweet decorations were provided by Phoenix Sweets who use the finest ingredients and craftsmanship to bake their artisan confectionary.

groomsmen doing a speech at a Repulse Bay wedding

Our Highlights From the Wedding

Bride and Groom Preparations

Yin Mey started her preparations at The Peninsula Hotel in East Tsim Sha Tsui. This is a very popular venue for brides to get ready for their Hong Kong weddings and we love photographing in these large and light rooms.

Barry also changed in to his traditional Chinese clothing at The Peninsula which always makes our job much easier. We can quickly move between rooms as a team and make sure we capture all the important aspects of a couples preparations.

Once Yin Mey’s make up was taken care of and she had changed in to her Qun Kwa it was time for Barry to enter with a bouquet of red roses.

The moment they first saw each other on their wedding day was an amazing moment to be a part of and really what we live for as photographers.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

As with most weddings we shoot in Hong Kong there were two Chinese Tea Ceremonies.

Typically the Bride’s family go first and provide the couple with gold and good wishes for their marriage. After these formalities the couple exit the hotel under a red umbrella before re-entering and receiving gifs and well wishes from the grooms side of the family.

Having the Tea Ceremony in the hotel is really good from a photographic perspective. There is usually much more space in hotels than at the family home which means everyone close to you can gather around and watch this special moment.

Outfit Change

Both Yin Mey and Barry changed outfits for their Repulse Bay Wedding Ceremony. It makes our job much easier when our bride and grooms look as good as this couple. Yin Mey’s looked amazing in her dress was from Audella Bridal House which offers a great choice of unique designs to Brides in Hong Kong.

String Quartet

When guests arrived at The Repulse Bay they were greeted by the lovely sounds of a string quartet. This is a great addition to any wedding as it provides some much needed background music. Combined with the stunning sea views it really set the mood to what would be an idyllic and romantic ceremony.

Surprise From Their Childhood

Something that Yin Mey and Barry had no idea about was a surprise slideshow displaying images from their childhood.

Once the cake had been cut everyone gathered around to enjoy this really creative addition to the wedding. We love it when people embrace fun aspects such as this and add to the overall experience of a couples wedding day.

It is always great to photograph moments like this and the slideshows provided some really good opportunities to capture.

Along with the fantastic speeches we were like kids in a candy shop capturing great documentary images.

Tips For A Great Repulse Bay Wedding

The Repulse Bay wedding venue is a great option for couples who want to venture out of the city for their wedding day.

It allows couples to experience the nostalgia of a bygone era as well as breathtaking views. Having shot many weddings at this venue we have a lot of experience with the various locations to get married.

Yin Mey and Barry did an excellent job of planning their wedding and utilised the Seaview Terrace and Marquee venues to their full potential.

When you book your wedding at Repulse Bay you receive a complimentary one night luxury stay at The Peninsula, Hong Kong. This is a great bonus as the Peninsula is one of the best hotels in Hong Kong and it really goes a long way to helping you enjoy your wedding.

Because Repulse Bay is at least a 30 minute journey from Tsim Sha Tsui  you should allow plenty of time for the journey as our couple did. However this is all taken care of for you as they provide a 56 seater coach to transport the majority of your guests.

The Repulse Bay wedding of Yin Mey and Barry was a pleasure to capture and great to be a part of. We hope you enjoy scrolling through the photos below and seeing what an amazing day they had.

If you are considering get married at this very popular wedding venue then don’t hesitate to get in touch.