Jesse and Jenny

Crowne Plaza Wedding


groom and bride at their Crowne Plaza Hotel Wedding

Wedding Day Photography at The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Have we mentioned before that we love photographing weddings? Well we do! Especially when they include an outdoor ceremony like Jesse and Jenny’s Crowne Plaza wedding.

More than anything we really enjoy documenting moments through our photography. These photos will be passed down through generations as a document of a couples wedding day and we love having this honour as wedding photographers.

Jesse and Jenny picked a great day to get married at the Crowne Plaza with the sun beaming down on them as they exchanged vows.

Outdoor weddings truly are something special and we adore capturing them. The natural light can’t be replicated and they seem to have a more relaxed vibe that seems to produce awesome photographs every time.

Two Crowne Plazas in Hong Kong?

With there being two Crowne Plaza’s in Hong Kong it can sometimes be confusing. Luckily we have photographed weddings at both and we can say that they are equally amazing venues to get married at.

Each offers different benefits to couples with one being located in Kowloon whilst the other is situated on Hong Kong Island.

Regardless which venue you choose we are sure you will have an amazing wedding and we will capture some awesome wedding photos.

Crowne Plaza Kowloon East

The Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East was the perfect venue for Jenny and Jesse’s fabulous wedding celebration. This gorgeous venue allows couples to celebrate their wedding in one of the largest pillar-less ballrooms in HK. The venue is both practical and versatile allowing for more intimate gatherings with its dividing walls.

Alternatively you can choose to host your ceremony outdoors as Jenny and Jesse did in the garden of the Crowne Plaza (we think this is the best option). The garden has capacity for 220 guests and the green walled backdrop is ideal for romantic wedding photos.

Having your wedding ceremony outdoors brings a really relaxed feel to the day that simply can’t be replicated indoors. The ability to provide this service makes the Crowne Plaza Kowloon East one of our favourite wedding venues in Hong Kong.

Crowne Plaza Causeway Bay

If you are after a wedding venue that is a little more centralised and on Hong Kong Island then Crowne Plaza Causeway Bay is the venue you need.

They also offer facilities for outdoor ceremonies although their capacity is a little lower compared to Kowloon East at just 70 guests.

happy couple at their Crowne Plaza Kowloon East Wedding

The Best Bits from the Wedding Day


Jenny started preparations for her big day at the Crowne Plaza wedding venue in one of its premium rooms.

As with most weddings we photograph in Hong Kong we suggested that Jenny’s bridesmaids help her in to her Kua. This usually makes for some great photos as the reality of the wedding day seems to hit everyone at this moment.

When Jenny’s parents came in to apply the finishing touches the emotion of the day took over and tissues were needed to keep everyone in check. We always relish these moments as photographers as it shows what the day means to everyone.

Arrival of the groom

Jesse arrived with his groomsmen and it was straight in to one of our favourite parts of the day to capture, the Chinese door games.

We love capturing natural documentary photos and this part of the day never disappoints in that regard.

Outdoor Ceremony at Crowne Plaza garden

As we have previously alluded to Jesse and Jenny chose to have their wedding ceremony in the garden at Crowne Plaza.

The venue looked stunning and was a absolute dream to photograph. Crowne Plaza’s green walled backdrop and the trees surrounding add a really naturalistic look to this quite urban location.

The ceremony had a really minimalist feel to it with little hints of colours from various flowers. The venue already looks so good that too many decorations might of detracted from what was a marvellous service.

Photo Shoot

We didn’t need to go far in order to get some stunning wedding photos of our happy bride and groom.

The garden provided the perfect backdrop for our style of wedding photography. As you will know if you have looked at any of our other blog posts we love photographing couples within nature.

The contrast of a bride and groom against a green background is typical of our style and something we have worked on for many years.


Jenny and Jesse ended their day in the illustrious ballroom at the Crowne Plaza.

As you will see from the images below this is the perfect venue for an elegant wedding in Hong Kong. The room is simply stunning with a detailed ceiling and down lighters that set the perfect mood.

There were some emotional speeches and lots of toasts as well as an amazing banquet.

This wedding in Kowloon East was a real pleasure to be a part of and we can’t thank Jenny and Jesse enough for trusting us to capture their day.

For any couples looking for an outdoor ceremony location in Hong Kong then Crowne Plaza is a great place to get married.