Laura and Marco

Pre Wedding Shoot on the Beach


There is no better way to get a variance to you pre wedding photos than to choose multiple locations.

Laura and Marco had us take some photos of them at our studio, followed by a cliff top walk and ending with a beautiful beach sunset.

As creative photographers we are always interested in exploring the ideas of our couples for their pre wedding shoot. Our couple wanted some colourful imagery that would really highlight their artistic personalities and Laura hand picked the flowers for the colourful floral backdrop. The images came out great and it even inspired us to think about getting a similar backdrop for our studio shoots.

The best time to take photos is around sunset and is called golden hour in the world of photography for good reason. We got some killer shots of Marco and Laura strolling along the beach at sunset. The light at this time of day has a really soft and warm look and adds a unique dimension to photos which can’t otherwise be replicated.

This couple rocked! Please enjoy looking at their photos below.


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