Covering Overseas & International Weddings

What is Overseas Wedding Photography?

Over the many years of being photographers we have encountered all types of wedding photography.

One of our favourite types of event to capture is an overseas wedding. A wedding in a foreign country brings all types of different challenges that we love to revel in.

Shooting in new surroundings fuels our creativity and allows us the opportunity to try out new and exciting photographic techniques.

From quaint french towns to the tranquil forests of Bali we love and thrive off the diversity of overseas weddings.

As previously mentioned, shooting in foreign locations brings a new set of challenges to our photography but not in a negative way. Instead, it broadens our horizons and invites us in to cultures we otherwise wouldn’t get to see.

This diversity is evident in our portfolio as we have shot weddings all over the world. Having the knowledge of varied cultures and traditions means we can capture all the important aspects of your day.

By comparison we have also shot weddings in some of the biggest cities on earth such as New York and our home, Hong Kong. Each place we visit allows us to immerse ourselves in the culture and create imagery that is truly unique to each couple. The hustle and bustles of a New York street is of stark contrast to a country side wedding in the U.K. However, at each wedding our goal is to tell the story of your special day through our imagery no matter what the destination.

Some of our favourite places to capture overseas weddings have to be throughout Europe. In particular we love the streets of Paris and the romance of places such as the Eiffel Tower.

We have also shot many weddings throughout U.K. when our head of photography Koda lived there for over ten years. As a result we know of many great locations and have built strong relationship with suppliers and venues throughout the country.

couple embrace in the hills of santorini

How much do we charge for international commissions?

Our overseas wedding photography pricing is very dependent on a number of various factors.

For example the location of your wedding, the amount of days shooting and the packages you book with us.

We request that all flights and accommodation are paid for by the client for our entire crew. This can obviously add an additional cost and needs to be considered when booking us to shoot your overseas wedding.

A local overseas wedding in Macau or Thailand is obviously going to encounter less travel costs than if you were getting married in Greece or Spain but we can discuss this when you enquire.

The amount of days you require us to shoot for can be down to what type of package you have booked from us.

Are you requiring pre-wedding images as well? Are you having a welcome party for your guests? Are you having a day after the wedding party? Do you want a video?

All these things need to be considered when booking us for your overseas wedding photography.

Our overseas wedding photography starts at HKD $30,000 which will include one standard photographer, one snap photographer and an assistant.

As previously mentioned there is add ons to this depending on what you require. A videographer starts at HKD $10,000 and additional day of shooting starts at HKD $13,000.

More information about our overseas wedding pricing can be found on our pricing page. Additional content on overseas wedding photography available on our Hong Kong page ⇢

couple kissing on their overseas pre wedding shoot

Have you photographed any destination weddings before?

When we’re not shooting weddings in our favourite city of all, Hong Kong, you will find us at the airport ready to board a place to our next destination.

We have shot weddings all over the world and our aim is to shoot in every country in all four corners of the earth.

Some new places that we would love to take our overseas wedding photography are the South of France, Scotland and Iceland. We have visited these places for holidays but never had the opportunity to shoot a wedding there. These places are so picturesque and encompass everything we love about photography so they are definitely on our bucket list.

Where are the best places your have photographed overseas?

Two noticeable highlights of our overseas wedding photography career have to be shooting a wedding in India and a friends wedding we photographed in London, U.K.

Way back in 2013 when we were relatively new to the wedding industry we got the opportunity to shoot Harry and Anushree’s wedding in India of all places. It was a chance enquiry and we leapt at the chance to be a part of it. In the initial enquiry we got from Harry he said it would be a ‘once in a lifetime trip’ and he wasn’t lying.

As with most Indian weddings it took place over the course of a week and as it happened with this particular wedding two different locations.

We started in Anushree’s home city of Ahmedabad and ended up in Goa. From that very first oversea wedding we have loved immersing ourselves in other peoples cultures and religions.

It has opened our eyes to the world and we are so grateful to be in this position to capture people most precious moments.

By stark comparison shooting a wedding in the U.K. was relatively straight forward but Amie and Alberts wedding at Morden Hall in London had particular significance.

Seeing your friends say ‘I do’ and having the honour of capturing such precious and heartfelt moments is what we live for as wedding photographers. As we have previously mentioned Koda lived in the U.K. for almost 10 years and has a dual passport so this wasn’t a destination wedding in the traditional sense.

Do you spend a lot of time in one particular location?

As a photography team we are used to shooting weddings throughout the U.K. and tend to spend a lot of time there in the off peak season in Hong Kong. Shooting weddings overseas in the U.K. is second nature to us and over the years we have built strong links with suppliers and venues throughout the country.

As a team of wedding photographers we are well travelled. Even if we haven’t shot a wedding in your particular location we have probably visited it on vacation or we will know someone who has.

A lot of the fun of overseas wedding photography comes from the new challenge any way. It adds a variance to our portfolio that otherwise wouldn’t be possible if we just photographed locally.

infinity chapel bali wedding fireworks

Can you recommend some good spots weddings abroad?

We have shot at some amazing venues throughout the world and equally at some not so great venues. Below is a list of venues that we would consider top tier and would recommend to any couple looking to have their wedding overseas.

Of course we are recommending these venues as we have experience shooting there on more than one occasion. They are not only perfectly picturesque and making photographing them a dream but the staff are on hand at all times and committed to making your day the best it can be.

Infinity Wedding Chapel, Conrad, Bali

This place is recognised as Bali’s most exclusive wedding venue and with good reason. We have shot a couple of weddings at this stunning location and would definitely recommend it to couples. It is a breathtaking, tropical location nestled by the Indian Ocean so you are sure to get amazing photos. This place is fantastic and has a choice of venues where your dream overseas wedding can come to life.

Morden Hall, London, U.K.

The rooms of Morden Hall are purposefully designed with weddings in mind which makes it a great choice for your overseas wedding. The interior design is both calming and inspirational and provides a tranquil atmosphere for you and your guests. It’s easy to see why this sophisticated and elegant venue is top of our list of recommendations for U.K. weddings.

Chaucer Barn, Norfolk, U.K.

One of the very first weddings we photographed in the U.K. was at Chaucer Barn and as a result we have been back there numerous times. This award winning wedding venue is the perfect year round private retreat for small intimate occasion or large wedding parties. They offer outdoor wedding locations for the summer but can equally cater for those cold winter months with their cosy romantic interiors.

couple posing for photos on a beach


As you probably know Macau is a short ferry ride from our base of Hong Kong but it offers a completely unique backdrop to our home city. With the Portuguese inspired streets it is a great location to choose for your overseas wedding photography. We are regular visitors to Macau and have too many locations to recommend here. If you are thinking about getting married in Macau just send us an enquiry and we can discuss your plans.

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Beach, Thailand

This glorious wedding venue offers various outdoor and indoor options of varying sizes. This place is a real treat for the senses with inspirational scenery and amazing decorations. We shot our first wedding there in 2017 and have been itching to get back there to document another amazing wedding.

Santorini, Oia and Fira, Greece

When we got the opportunity to fly to Greece to shoot wedding photos we jumped at the chance. The couple decided to split their time between two stunning locations that were a 30 minute drive from each other. We spent time getting shots in both Oia and Fira. The results speak for themselves as Santorini has some amazingly picturesque locations to get photos in front of.

When should I contact you?

There is no specific time of year that is best to contact us about your overseas wedding plans. However, the earlier you get in touch with us the more likely we are to be available for your wedding date.

As we have previously alluded to we tend to shoot our overseas wedding photography in the Hong Kong off season. This of course means we can shoot throughout the year and enjoy the best of both worlds.

To contact us about your plans for your overseas wedding simply visit our contact page.