Behind The Scenes Pre Wedding Videos

What is a Behind The Scenes Pre Wedding Video?

A Behind The Scenes Pre Wedding video is essentially exactly what it says it is, a video showing all the behind the scenes action from a pre wedding photoshoot.

It is a Hong Kong wedding tradition for couples to book a Pre Wedding photography session in the lead up to their wedding. This tends to be several hours or a day when the couple and the photographer head out to a famous or particularly nice location and have professional standard wedding photos taken.

Most brides and grooms have hair and makeup done as well as getting dressed up in traditional wedding outfits, both Chinese and Western style.

The behind the scenes video documents the day, showing how the day unfolded, the different locations where you had your photos taken and generally just a lovely natural wedding video of the event.

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How does the video production work?

The videographer will liaise directly with the photographer on the day. Here they will plan the exact spots for photos to be taken while ensuring that the photographer has complete control over everything that’s happening. This means that you get the perfect pre wedding photos as well as a beautiful video of the day.

The videographers job is to capture the entire day and all the funny best bits from what is happening. This includes candid scenes of the bridal makeup being done, small snippets as you walk along for your photos as well as beautiful sweeping shots in the stunning location you have chosen to have your photos taken.

Our approach to filming the video is very simple, we want it to be natural and documentary in nature. Your photographer will pose you while choosing all the locations for your photos and it’s our job to capture a few nice moments from the day.

bride and groom holding hands

How much does a behind the scenes video cost?

We offer several behind the scenes wedding packages for you to choose from.

Behind the scenes videos can be added to any Pre Wedding Photography or Pre Wedding Video package.

Prices start from $4000 for behind the scenes video however reductions are available when added to any of our wedding day and pre wedding packages.

For more information on a behind the scenes wedding video packages please get in touch via our contact page.

Do you have any examples?

For all video samples please visit the Koda Weddings YouTube channel however for now let us tell you a little more information on a beautiful pre wedding shoot we were part of that took part in Hallstatt and Prague…

Back in 2017 the entire JWW team headed out to the wonderful cities of Halstatt and Prague. Here we filmed and photographed a stunning pre wedding shoot in amongst the sweeping European Hills.

As you can see from the video, the location was absolutely amazing. Probably the most perfect wedding shoot location you could ask for.

Hallstatt is quaint, picturesque village located in the mountainous Salzkammergut Region of Austria.

This splendid area forms possibly the most stunning of locations where couples can have their photos taken at the water’s edge, overlooking breathtaking rolling hills.

After spending the morning in Hallstatt we decided to jump on a short shuttle ride to the historical city of Prague. As you all know, Prague is an absolutely beautiful capital city. The historical buildings form a fantastic location for a range of different pre wedding and engagement style shoots.

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic, known for its old town square and colourful baroque style buildings. We utilised these buildings to capture a series of fun shots for the guys to show off to their friends and family when they returned.

As you can see from the behind the scenes pre wedding film, Prague was where we decided to have a little bit of fun. The couple chose matching basketball jerseys and funky school uniforms to bring a little bit of laughter to their shoot. A great idea to mix it up from the more classic wedding attire.

Why should I have a Behind the Scenes video?

There are loads of reasons why you should have a behind the scenes pre wedding video. Hopefully the list we have put together below will go a long way to inspiring you create and star in your own amazing pre wedding adventure.

Looking Back:

It is our belief that your wedding day, including pre wedding shoot is one of the special and important days of you life. With this in mind we believe that the more photos and video you have to document this special moment in your life, the better.

While right now you may feel you can skip a behind the scenes video however everybody loves pulling out their wedding album or showing off their old films 20 years down the line.

You can look back and laugh at the silly scenarios you got yourself into while being transported to that very moment in time, feeling exactly as you did right there and then.

A behind the scenes video is a great way of doing this. Getting to show your grandchildren your pre wedding shoot could be one of the most heartfelt and enjoyable things you will do in your future.

In our opinion, a behind the scenes video is needed for this reason on its own.

Display at your wedding:

Most of our couples tend to invest in a behind the scenes video as something they can show off and display at their wedding.

Guests will get to experience your wonderful day, looking back at the fabulous locations and how amazing you both looked on your pre wedding shoot.

Having just a short wedding video is a great way to keep guests entertained.

It’s Fun:

First and foremost, the behind the scenes video is fun. While there will be more serious aspects of your wedding day, a behind the scenes video tends to play on the comedic values.

It’s the videographers job to make you laugh but you will be having that much fun on your pre shoot that most of time we just have to sit back and film what is happening.

We are sure you will have a lot of fun being filmed as all our couples tend to love it.

bride and groom posing on their pre wedding shoot

Can you recommend any locations?

We have been pre-wedding videographers and photographers for nearly 6 years now and over that time we have managed to be part of many wonderful engagement and pre wedding shoots.

Starting in England UK before moving to Hong Kong we have been lucky enough to film couples in a variety of amazing pre wedding locations. From London to India, we have been to many fantastic spots perfect for everything pre wedding.

One of the most important things we have realised is that you need to decide on your location, you both know what you like and dislike so there is no point in us recommending an Iceland photoshoot if you can’t start the cold.

Spend an evening putting together a list of what you want from your shoot. Do you want the breathtaking sea views of Santorini, the hustle and bustle of a Hong Kong city shoot or the sand dunes of dubai. It really is up to you.

Below is a list of a few locations that we would definitely recommend.

Shek O Peak – Hong Kong
Victoria Peak Gardens – Hong Kong
Chung Hom Kok Beach – Hong Kong
Oxford & Cambridge

couple embracing for wedding film

Do you have any reviews of couples that booked?

Since we starting producing all types of wedding videos we have been very lucky to receive a range of different reviews and testimonials from couples that have booked.

Below is a few reviews from couples that specifically book a behind the scenes video.

Jono & Cana: “We love our pre wedding video, it’s full of fun and laughter and we just can’t stop watching it. Thank you guys.”

Jacob & Winki: “Hahaha, it’s so funny. I am so happy we invited you along for the day. The photos that the photographer took are really special and this video just highlights how much fun we had.”

Bobby & Lee: “Wow Koda, what can we say? The video is pure magic. Thanks for creating it.”

Candice & Neville: “Fantastic. A really amazing production.”

Koda & Sophia: “Thank you so much Koda, your team has done a truly wonderful job at capturing our personality. We will definitely be recommending you.”

bride in a beautiful wedding dress

Do we need to book you for our photography?

As a wedding production house we offer all wedding photographer services including pre wedding photography, wedding day photography and video and of course pre wedding videography and behind the scenes films.

While it as always great be both the photographer and videographer it is possible to book us just for one of our services.

We will work very hard to ensure we liaise perfectly with the other suppliers meaning we can best create amazing photos and video of your entire wedding party.