Video Reviews & Recommendations

We started our wedding videography journey back in 2012, yes 6 years ago! During that time we have captured so many weddings, from little intimate gatherings to full blown 1000+ wedding guest Indian extravaganzas.

We have travelled the world shooting weddings in America, India, United Kingdom, Australia, pretty much every habitable country in the modern world. We have met all types of couples, couples that didn’t want any staged group photos to couples that wanted hundreds. One thing that has always been present no matter the style of wedding is love. Love is the reason we do what we do and why we are constantly trying to better ourselves to deliver a more complete story told through the medium of photography and videography.

Having been to such a variance of weddings we have of course received feedback and testimonials along the way. These testimonials work as the driving force behind our work and again, what motivates us to keep getting better.

In this page we have put together a handful of our favourite reviews for our wedding videography service, hopefully they give you an insight into what our couples think when they receive their wedding video.

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Jonny & Sarah

“Wow wow wow, Koda what can I say?!? Your team did a truly fantastic job of capturing both our wedding day and pre wedding. The video is magic and really does look like a full film. If there is anything we can ever do to share your work please let us know. Thanks again. J & S”

Georgina & Willow

“On the 21st October 2016 me and Will opened up our macbook, went to yahoo, searched ‘cool wedding videographer’ and up popped Koda Weddings, Hong Kong wedding video. Those four little events and of course us clicking on your website lead us to what can only be described as the perfect experience delivering the perfect result.

Me and Will had been engaged for nearly 2 years when we decided that we had waited long enough and it was time to tie the knot.

After choosing our wedding venue we went ahead and started our search for photographers and videographers. This is where we found you.

We spent probably two hours looking through all the wonderful weddings you had captured. We knew straight away that we wanted you to be part of our big day.

Shortly after sending our enquiry we heard back, it was good news, you were free :)

After choosing our package we were all booked up. Let the countdown begin!

One of the best aspects of booking Koda wong weddings was the quick replies to any questions we had about the wedding. Whether it was a quick phone call, a whatsapp message or an email, we usually received a response within a few hours. The information was always great and went along way to helping us plan the wedding or pre wedding shoot.

One of our biggest concerns was where we should have our pre wedding photo session, we simply reached out to Tom, a member of the team and were given a series of great options. The options even had video samples of the locations making our decision really easy.

We had booked the team for a prewedding video plus full wedding day video as well. A couple of weeks after the pre shoot we received our first surprise scene video. It was fab. We knew straight away that we had made the right decision. The video was truly remarkable.

The morning of the wedding day quickly came and Koda with his team arrived. Throughout the entire day the team was professional, they were always there whenever there was a big moment, cameras at the ready capturing everything that happened.

The team worked so hard videoing our entire day. Having them alongside us gave confidence knowing that we would be able to watch back so many moments from the day.

After a special day the time had come to watch back our film. Koda sent us a link to the video and the second we started watching we were blown away.

It was amazing, every moment was in there, it was beautifully done and brought us both to tears.

The music was perfect, the emotion on show and not to mention, we all looked fabulous :p

Thanking you so much Koda for being by our side during our wedding.”

bride and groom looking out into sunset on wedding video

Nanda & Bing

“Me and Bing want to say thank you to everyone at the JWW company for filming our day. We really enjoyed watching the film back.”

Trevor & Serena

“We chose Koda because we loved the videos he had on his website. The seemed to really show of the wedding but also all the wedding guests and how much they were enjoying our marriage.”

Chuck & Rilo

“Koda, jeremy, jeremy. We are amazed. The video is without question the best thing we have ever seen!”

Zoe & Marcus

“The JW team provided us with a cinema style wedding film from our wedding. We are overjoyed with the finished production.”

Zoe & Richard

“Can we share it. How do we put it on facebook. Everybody needs to see this, it’s fantastic!”

Karen & Raymond

“If you are getting married in Hong Kong you must book Jer and his crew. They will create you a wedding same day like no other.”

Adam & Nadeen

“We spent hours obsessing over who to pick to video our wedding. Now we spending hours watching our wedding film. What more can we say…”

Tone & Maggy

“As a wedding photographer myself I knew exactly who I wanted to film my wedding. I must have emailed Koda about 4 years before I actually got married because I couldn’t have envisaged anybody else filming my day. Receiving the video was the second happiest day of my life”

couple kissing on top of car on a pre wedding session

Rainbow & Roy

“There is a few Koda has won so many awards for his video production skills. His videos are second to none.”

Michael & Christina

“Everyone in the Cheung household would like to thank Jez and his collection of videographers for filming our pre wedding shoot. The video is of a real high standard and we love watching it back with friends and family”

Juno & Christopher

“Koda is a reason to get married even if you don’t have anything planned yet. Hire him to film and you won’t be disappointed.”

Channing & Rita

“Jww was recommended by our wedding venue. They had a list of potential videographers and Koda was by far the best. His videos stood out and were much better than the other teams. When we received out film we were amazed by the shots he had managed to take.”

Oliver & July

“Planning your pre wedding shoot can be a challenging time. You need to find a videographer that works well with the photographer which can sometimes be hard. When we found Koda he assured us that he was easy going and always managed to get along well with the photographer.

Our pre wedding went ahead without any problems and both Koda and our photographer worked well at the event.

We loved everything about our short behind the scenes film and would recommend other couples planning on hiring a videographer.”

Sandy & David

“Book Koda for your wedding. Nothing more to say.”

husband and wife to be kissing after pre wedding shoot

Christine & Gary

“Being a wedding supplier must be a very hard job. Having nightmare bride and grooms bossing you around all day must be very tiring but Koda’s team worked without any hesitation and made us a great video.”

Nel & Sandra

“Koda was recommended by our wedding photographer. We had been searching and searching for a videographer but hadn’t been able to find anyone we liked at the right price.

Our photographer mentioned that he had worked with a Hong Kong based videographer previously and his videos were really good. He passed on Koda’s details and we immediately fell in love with his portfolio.

After explaining to Koda exactly what we wanted from our wedding video he went away and put together a proposal. We then reserved his services for our wedding.

On the wedding day itself Koda worked very hard. All the guests commented on how relaxed he made them feel and that a lot of time they didn’t even notice he was filming.

After receiving the video we were relieved to know that we had made the right choice in selecting Koda.

The video really captured our personality.”

Ally & Sam

“Our photos and video are the best thing in the world.”