Same Day Wedding Video Edit

What is a same day video edit?

The best place to start when talking about same day video edits is by understanding what exactly we mean when we say, same day wedding video edit.

Essentially a same day video edit would be a short highlights film of your wedding day set to music, much like a traditional wedding film. However a same day video edit has one major difference; the video would be edited the day of your wedding and shown to your guests during the evening reception.

Much like a normal wedding video, the videographer would attend the wedding from bridal preparations, continuing to film the wedding coming and goings throughout the day. At some point in the day, the videographer would create a short highlights film of everything that had happened so far at the wedding.

Same day video edits tend to be around 3-5 minutes in length.

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How does the same day edit work?

In order to understand how the same day video works it’s important to understand how a traditional wedding video works.

To start with it’s essential to reiterate that most couples opt for a same day video edit as an extension to their main wedding video. Having the additional same day film is a great way to entertain guests during the evening reception.

On the morning of the wedding your videographer will arrive and start filming. Filming will include bridal preparations, door games, wedding ceremonies and pretty much everything that happens right up until the editing process begins.

Usually towards the start of the banquet one of the videographers will step away from the celebration to begin editing. All editing is done at the wedding, usually in a quieter area of the venue.

While the videographer edits the film, it is likely that a second videographer would still be filming the rest of the wedding in order to create your full feature film for later delivery. This ensures that nothing is missed from the wedding and you are left with a fantastic same day edit as well as a beautiful, full length wedding day film.

In most circumstances the videographer will choose the song for the video, however, it is possible to choose your own song should you really wish.

Once the same day video has been edited the videographer will export the film into the right format for you to display. This is usually exported in High Definition onto a USB or DVD meaning it can be shown on a projector at your wedding.

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How long is the video?

Traditionally we aim for the video to be 3-5 minutes in length. While this time is not fixed and can be extended, we find that 3-5 minutes often delivers the best results.

Below we have put together a few reasons why we always aim for 3-5 minute same day films.

Quality over Quantity:

It is true that we could potentially make you a longer video however, in our experience, this would not necessarily allow enough time to make the video good quality as well as long.

We take our time ensuring each scene is perfect, the video flows and the overall video production is 5 star.

Export Time:

Generally speaking, the longer the video, the longer it will take to export and render.

When we create our full feature films it can often take up to one day to export the full video. This ensures that the video is at optimum setup for your viewing pleasure.

The same day video is slightly different. While we always aim to deliver the video in HD quality it is important to remember that time is of the essence. There would be no point in delivering a same day edit the day after the wedding.

You want to see your video as soon as possible:

Most couples are usually very excited to see their wedding film. Whether it’s the bride wanting to see the levels of torture the groom was put through or the groom looking forward to seeing all the groomsmen looking smart.

With this in mind, this is the reason we decided upon a 3-5 minute film. It means you get to see your film as quick as possible and everyone is happy with the level of production.

What same day packages do you offer?

As we mentioned above, all same day packages can be tailored to your exact needs however we definitely recommend videos that are around 3-5 minutes or a song length.

Most couples getting married tend to add same day video edits to their current package. To add same day video edits to any package a fee of $4000 is charged. This fee covers an additional videographer plus the 3-5 minute edit of the video.

Our most popular package for wedding day videography is our top, premium package. This costs $15000 but as well as the full wedding videography package, it also includes the same day video edited highlights film meaning you get a little bit of everything for your wedding day.

The top package includes:
– 2 Full Time Wedding Videographers plus 1 Videography Assistant
– 15 Hours Wedding Day Coverage starting at your chosen time
– Professional, production level filming in High Definition
– Same Day Wedding Film (1 Song Length or 3-5 minutes)
– Feature Full Length Wedding Video

As we mentioned before, some couples tend to upgrade their package. If you want to find out more about upgrading, please send us an email via [email protected].

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Do you have any same day edit samples?

Since we starting videoing weddings we have managed to capture and create many same day wedding edits. Below is just a couple of our favourite films from last year plus a little information on them.

Xiaoyue & Robert’s beautiful wedding at the Four Seasons, Hong Kong:

In November of 2017 we were headed to to capture Xiaoyue and Robert’s beautiful wedding at one of Hong Kong’s premier wedding venues, the Four Seasons hotel.

The wedding was a real celebration and included many Hong Kong wedding traditions from Chinese door games, traditional tea ceremonies and of course, a wonderful wedding ceremony.

Xiaoyue and Robert absolutely loved their wedding film and getting to show all the pre banquet celebrations to their wedding guests was one of the highlights of their wedding day.

A big shout out to Aiko Tsang who did the the amazing make up for all the beautiful bridesmaids. Plus a huge mention goes to CJ and Janus who helped us put the video together.

Allen & Ashley’s stunning celebration at the Hyatt Regency Hotel:

In October 2017 the Koda Weddings team got to film and photograph possibly one of our favourite ever weddings. Allen and Ashley’s amazing, creative wedding at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Hong Kong.

The day was filled with magical moments, fun, laughter and pretty much everything you could ever ask for when filming a wedding video.

The JWW team had friendships with many of the wedding guests and this only made making the film more enjoyable all round.

We just want to say thanks to Allen and Ashley for inviting us along for their big day as well as Luis for forming part of the video team.

Take a look at their same day edit:

Why should I have a same day edit?

There are many reasons why investing in a same day edit is a good idea. Below you find some examples of why couples love their same day edit.

It’s Fast:

Obviously the biggest benefit of choosing a same day edit is that you get to see the wedding film on the actual day of your wedding.

We understand that most couples can’t wait to see their full wedding film and we often receive many emails asking how long until the final edit is ready, explaining that they are so excited to see the film.

With a same day edit you get to see all the fun and shenanigans immediately, no waiting a month for the film, the full wedding edited down into a 3-5 minute snippet right then and there.

It’s Great Entertainment:

One of the main benefits of adding a same day wedding video to your package is that you get to entertain your guests with all the goings on from earlier in the wedding.

Most guests will only hear about the fun door games or the emotional tea ceremony but with same day film you get to show them everything that went on.

Some weddings have periods that are a little slow, you can use the same day video to entertain guests during the down time moments meaning they have a fun and enjoyable time throughout your entire wedding celebration.

You Get More:

As well as receiving your full wedding film you will also receive a shorter wedding video. Obviously getting two videos is better than one.

Many couples decide to show of their wedding film to their friends, it’s easy to grab your phone and bring up a shorter video than sitting down to watch a feature length version.

Having two videos means you always have something to show off no matter the scenario.

It’s Fun:

As with everything wedding related, it’s fun to be part of the same day film. Knowing that everything you do is being filmed and will be shown later in the day. This brings a real exciting atmosphere to the video production.

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