Frequently Asked Questions

Information for your wedding or pre wedding

We understand that planning your Pre Wedding or Big Day has many stresses.
From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the right photographer there are many big
decisions to make. We have put together a list of important FAQ’s to help
ensure you get the most out of our photography and film.


Who will be my photographer?

We have two options when it comes to arranging a photographer for your Big Day or Pre Wedding. You can choose to have Koda, our studio director document your day or alternatively a team photographer.

Our team photographers have been trained by Koda to produce the same standard of imagery and can be arranged at a slightly reduced rate. In all cases Koda will individually edit all your images as well as arrange all the planning around your Pre Wedding or Big Day to ensure consistency throughout the process.

What is a studio/team photographer?

A studio photographer is a member of the Koda Wedding’s team who has been trained to the same standard as our studio director Koda. Our team have shot many weddings alongside Koda as well as on their own.

The purpose of our studio photographers is to offer a consistent level of photography at the 100’s of weddings we shoot each year. This is a really great option if our studio director is fully booked but you still want that JWW look to your wedding or pre wedding photography. Booking one of our studio photographers is essentially exactly the same as booking Koda. The only difference is you won’t receive a same day edit slideshow but you will receive a discounted price.

What is the discount when booking the team?

We offer a $5,000 discount if you choose our team photographer and more information can be found by clicking here.

Is there any more information you can give me about the team?

Over the many years we have been in the business we have built a strong team at Koda Weddings. Every photographer and videographer in the team has the same goal to produce high quality work and to give 110% at every Wedding or Pre Wedding.

All of our team members have had extensive training from our studio director meaning that we can offer an excellent level of photography and video to more brides and grooms each year.

How long has the studio been operating?

Koda Wedding’s has been operating in Hong Kong for 6 years and 2 years previously in the U.K. Koda has 15 years experience as a professional photographer working in commercial photography before discovering his real passion for weddings in 2010.


Do you take destination weddings and overseas assignments?

We love shooting events overseas and exploring new places. We are very experienced at shooting in the U.K. and Europe due to our time spent living in England and Wales. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want us to photograph your overseas pre wedding or big day.

Travel and accommodation is not included in our overseas packages.

How does the pre wedding shoot work?

We start with hair and make up at our studio, at a time that needs to be confirmed a minimum of one week before the shoot. Once you have changed in to your outfits we then shoot for 1 hour in the studio. You can choose from multiple backdrops and props to add your distinctive personality to the images.

After the studio shoot we move on to your chosen locations and take photos for as long as you require with your packaged amount of time.

Within 1.5 months of the Pre Wedding shoot you will receive your edited in detail photos along with all photos from the day.

Do you own a studio? Where is it?

Yes we do. We use it for Studio Pre Wedding photography and client meetings. It is located at Koda Weddings. Unit 22, 8/F, Block A, Wah Luen Industrial Centre, Shatin, 15-21 Wong Chuk Yeung Street, Fo Tan, Hong Kong.


How does the big day work?

It depends on the package you have booked from us. A typical photography package involves 2 photographers, 1 snap and 1 standard arriving at approximately 8:30am and leaving at 23:30pm. We will capture all events as and when they happen as well as creating some stunning portraits of the two of you. If you have booked Koda to capture your day you will also receive a same day edit slideshow of a selection of images which can be projected at your banquet.

How do we book and secure the dates?

A 50% deposit of your total package price secures your booking. The remaining 50% can be paid on the day of your pre wedding/big day or at any point in the lead up to that date.

Will you provide an official contract?

Yes. This forms part of the booking procedure and once signed covers all the essentials of what we have agreed about your pre wedding or big day.

Do we need to provide a meal for the crew on the day?

It would be great if you could provide our team with a meal on the day.

How many photos will I receive?

For our full Pre Wedding package you will receive all original photos plus 80 touched up images. If you book the mini Pre Wedding package you will get all original photos plus 20 touched images. For our full Big Day packages you will receive 1000+ images which are all colour touched for a consistent feel. All photos that we provide are edited by our studio director Koda.


Do you charge overtime? What are your charges?

Yes. Our overtime fee is $600 per team member per hour. For example if there are 3 team members at your wedding and you request an additional hour it would be $600+$600+$600 = $1800.

Do you provide gowns and suits?

We don’t include gown’s as part of any packages however we do offer discounts on gowns and suits with Carmine Wedding Dress & Suit who are highly recommended and one of the best in Hong Kong. Gown prices start from $800.

Do you provide transportation on the day?

Transportation isn’t included in any of our packages because it varies so much for the events we cover. Taxi fares will be claimed if you request us to start before 8:30am or when your location is not within the city centre accessible and by MTR.

Pre Wedding is charged at approximately $200 per hour (minimum of 4). We only charge for what we use and will keep all receipts for the transportation used at your event.


What equipment do you use?

We have the latest Canon camera bodies and shoot with a whole host of Canon lenses. We also use the Sony A7iii. We have drones for videography and professional lighting to cope with tricky in door environments. We edit photos with the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop and use Adobe premiere for our video production.

Who owns the copyright to the images?

The copyright of the images always remains with the photographer and this will be the case with any professional wedding photographer. However, we license clients (you) the right to reproduce the images in any way you wish e.g. albums, prints, canvas with no additional charge.

The only thing you cannot do with the images is use them for commercial resale.

How long does it take for you to edit the photos?

A maximum of 1.5 months. This is sometimes quicker depending on the time of the year.

How do you deliver the photos to us?

Photos are initially delivered via an online gallery where the whole set of images can be downloaded. We also provide a USB which contains the chosen edited images as well as all the original photos.

Do you offer albums, canvases or print?

Yes we do! A 20 inch x 30 inch canvas is included as standard with our full day Pre Weddding and Overseas Pre Wedding packages. Additional canvasses can be added to any package just get in touch for a quote as we offer various sizes.

A 12 inch x 15 inch storybook album is also included in our Pre Wedding and Overseas Pre Wedding packages, additional albums can be ordered or added to any package for $1,600.

Instant photo printing is available and costs $3,800 for 300 prints.


Do you offer film photography? What is film photography?

We have been shooting digital for 15 years and over that time we have got to know what can and can’t be achieved with the medium. We believe that digital photography offers the most flexibility when it comes to capturing and editing your images and as a result don’t offer film photography.

All the images you see on our website are digital photography and we take influence from film to achieve a light and airy feel to our editing style.

Do you provide hair and make up?

For all our Pre Wedding packages hair and make up is included in the price. Our hair and make up artists are highly skilled at creating the look you are after in order to get the best possible photos. For big day we don’t supply hair and make up but highly recommend Aiko Tsang Make Up and Joman Wedding.

What if I already have my own make up stylist?

If you already have a make up artist or are doing your own make up that is fine. $2000 will be discounted from your package price for half day Pre Wedding and $3000 discounted for full day Pre Wedding.


How would you describe your style?

Creative professional approach with a passion for beautiful imagery whilst making sure all the important photos are captured.

Do you provide original and raw photos?

Raw files are available upon request.

What is your refund and reschedule policy due to bad weather (pre wedding)?

You can reschedule your shoot up to 24 hours beforehand free of charge due to bad weather. We will then mutually agree on a new date for your Pre Wedding shoot.

Do you retouch and edit the images?

All images are edited by our studio director Koda to ensure consistency and quality. Every photo will be colour corrected, enhanced and touched up. Pre wedding photos will be retouched in detail.

How do we pay internationally?

If you are booking us and you live overseas we have found the easiest ways for you to pay are via bank transfer or Paypal.


What if it rains or goes foggy during the photoshoot?

Part of being a great photographer is having the ability to adapt to any situation and capture the best possible photos in that moment. Rain and fog can add real drama to a set of images but we also understand you wouldn’t want to be out in the cold for too long. We would adapt the plan slightly and move to indoor locations or our studio.

If you suspect really bad weather and are not happy to shoot on your chosen date you can reschedule up to 24 hours before free of charge. We will then arrange a new mutually agreed date for your Pre Wedding shoot.

What if you are unable to shoot our wedding?

We are lucky to have a team of highly skilled photographers who have all been trained to the same high standards. In the event of unforeseen circumstances we have multiple photographers from JWW who would be available to capture your event. In over 400 weddings this has never happened.

Will you have an assistant?

Sometimes we will include an assistant depending on the complexity of your wedding or pre wedding.


Do you offer discounts?

Yes we have a great discount of 10% available when you combine any full day package. You can also save $1,500 on any full pre wedding and big day (max total $1500) if you book us before meeting. In addition to these great offers you can save $5,000 by choosing our studio photographer for any of our big day packages or our full day pre wedding package.

Do you offer other wedding details such as flowers and bouquets?

We have a great relationship with florists in Hong Kong and have discounts available with Carmine Wedding Dress & Suit who offer flowers and bouquets. We don’t supply flowers and bouquets ourselves.

How many locations per pre wedding package?

For full day Pre Wedding we will usually utilise 3-4 locations. For a mini session 1 location will be used.

Is there an early charge fee?

If you have chosen Koda as your photographer there is no early charge fee. However, if you have chosen one of our studio photographers and want them to start before 8:30am the charge is $600 per hour per team member as well as taxi fares.

Do you offer videography?

Yes. JWW video team are very experienced at capturing weddings. Our most popular package is photo and video. As a result our team are more than familiar with working with each other in order to capture the best stills and moving images without getting in each others way.