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Our passion is you. Whether that’s beautiful engagement sessions or
stunning wedding days we are are always there to capture beautiful moments
connected through love. Take a look at our portfolio below.

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Fantastic wedding photos and video. The story you have documented really inspires us bringing back so many emotional memories. Eve & Leo

wedding day kiss

Big Day.

We have been fortunate enough to have photographed hundreds of weddings throughout the world meaning we are highly experienced to capture your wonderful wedding day.

Take a look at a few of our most recent and favourite big days below. Just click on the couple you like and you will be taken to their story.

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Pre Wedding.

Engagement Sessions and Pre Wedding Shoots are our most popular photography service. Most of the couples that have booked us for their big day have also booked a pre wedding shoot.

Below you will find a few of our top pre wedding shoots. Whether you are planning on a HK shoot or an overseas session we would love to hear about your plans.

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bridal portrait from pre wedding

bride and groom holding hands


As one of Hong Kong’s leading wedding studios we are also renowned for our wedding videography and cinematography. We offer a range of videos from pre wedding to big day.

All of our productions are professionally captured in a storytelling, cinematic style. We focus on production values and capturing your special day. Take a look below.

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Our photos and video are creative and emotional. We love watching back the moments of our wedding and suggest all couples book this amazing team. Marco & Karly

Beautiful Wedding Day Photography

Your beautiful big day story captured

As you can see by our diverse and extensive portfolio shown below and on our photography page we have photographed many different types of weddings.

More recently we have focussed our attention specifically in Hong Kong but have in the past shot weddings in India, Bali, Thailand and many parts of Europe. We intend to shoot more destination weddings in the future and have ambitions to build our portfolio to include all four corners of the earth.

We have been fortunate enough to photograph and film at many of Hong Kong’s most recognisable venues including The Peninsula, The Grand Hyatt Hotel and Club One Repulse Bay to name just a few.

Whether you are getting married at My Garden Hotel, Crown Wine Celler or any of Hong Kong’s top venues then we would love to hear about your day and encourage you to check out our portfolio below.

We would also love to hear all about your wedding plans as we love getting to experience new wedding venues across Hong Kong and the rest of the world. You can contact us and tell us all about your wedding plans by clicking the button below.

Just click any of the photos within our wedding day photography portfolio to be taken to that specific wedding.

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Creative, Emotive and Beautifully Captured

The Story of Your Love and Happiness

With over 6 years in the industry we have become accustomed to the many different traditions that exist within varied cultures when it comes to weddings. This knowledge allows us to draw on our experience in order to provide the best shots for our couples. We have shot all types of religious ceremonies as well, meaning we can provide a service which will capture all those important aspects of your day. At the same time it means we can be sympathetic towards the importance of certain moments as we always endeavour to be as discreet as possible with our approach.

Our method of capturing your wedding is mostly a documentary style, capturing moments as and when they happen. We will intervene at certain times such as the couple shoot to offer advice on the best place to stand but generally we favour a natural approach.

We provide two types of photographers to capture your day in all its glorious detail making sure no shots are missed. A ‘standard’ photographer will focus on group photographs. Their aim is to capture everyone at the wedding and provide general coverage. Additionally the ‘snap’ photographer will be creating artistic detail shots, leading the couple shoot and capturing real and raw emotions throughout the day.

Most of the weddings within our portfolio are shot with our most popular package which includes a ‘standard’ and ‘snap’ photographer. This package offers the best coverage for weddings in our opinion and means you can enjoy your day knowing that every moment is being captured for you to look back on in the future.

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Storytelling photography from Hong Kong’s Best Wedding Photographer. Well done Koda for creating such beautiful photos from our wedding. Sally & Edwin

Stunning Pre Wedding Photography

Art Meets Creativity

Over the years we have been lucky enough to travel far, wide and all over the world capturing pre wedding shoots in glorious locations such as Santorini, London, Venice and Sydney. Equally we have found some truly stunning and beautiful landscapes within our very own city, Hong Kong. These provide the perfect back drop for pre wedding photography shoots and engagement sessions.

Whether you are similar to Cindy and Bluno and opt for Tai Mo Shan, Sonson and Peter at Shek O or Marcus & Great at Instagram Pier then we would love to help you plan and photograph your pre wedding wedding experience.

Browse our pre wedding photography portfolio by clicking on the photos below to be taken to that pre wedding shoot.

Pre Wedding Info

Intimate and Timeless

Engagement and Pre Wedding Perfection

Some places in Hong Kong that we instantly recommend for our couples are Tai Mo Shan, Victoria Peak Gardens and Shek O. We keep re-visiting these places time and time again because they are so varied and no two shoots are ever the same. These locations are remote and great if you are perhaps a little camera shy. At the same time it means we can go on a relaxing walk in a pretty location whilst capturing photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Your pre wedding shoot location however is completely in your hands. For example in the past we have taken some shots at the university where our couple met. This approach means that we can get some creative shots that perhaps have more significance to you as a couple. When we shot at the Hong Kong polytechnic for example we utilised the amazing architecture of the building to create some unique shots. We also combined this with a visit to Shing Mun Reservoir that was equally special to our couple.

As previously mentioned we have also photographed lots of couples pre wedding shoots overseas. Our head honcho Koda was based in the u.k. for approximately ten years so we have strong ties to that island and are constantly getting enquiries for London pre weddings. Consequently we have great knowledge of travelling throughout Europe and especially the u.k. so if you are thinking about having your pre wedding overseas don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We typically head to the u.k. and base there in the off-peak wedding season in Hong Kong. This way we get the best of both worlds and can continue shooting throughout the whole year.

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The photos we have seen from our wedding are intimate and most importantly, unique to us and our wedding day. Amazing work from Koda. Justin & Cleo

Cinematic Wedding Video

Feature Length and Highlight Stories

As you will probably know by now we also offer wedding video services. Couples typically book this in addition to their pre wedding and wedding day photography. This can result in an overall package which combines stunning stills photography with the moving image quality of a hollywood production.

Our wedding day video portfolio gives you a real insight in to the atmosphere and excitement of a wedding day. You can see the excitement and fun of Chinese door games and admire the heartfelt emotions as our couples read their vows to each other.

More About Video

Professional, Inspirational Cinematography

High Class and Artfully Crafted Videos

Much like our approach to wedding day photography our focus is to capture your day in a creative and documentary fashion. For our video productions we blend a cinematic feel with those important blink and you’ll miss it moments. Our aim is to provide you with an emotionally driven document of your day that you can treasure forever.

As you browse through our extensive wedding day video portfolio you will see that it is as varied as our photography portfolio. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to capture both photography and video and work in tandem with each other to produce the best shots.

Whilst couples generally book us to cover both photo and video duties we also offer video as a stand alone product. Additionally we also have experience of working professionally with other photographers in order to provide videos that you will love.

Our wedding day video portfolio can be viewed simply by clicking on any of the images above. As you can see we create various types of videos to suit our couples needs. We generally set them to a soundtrack of your choosing which creates a unique feel to your perfect wedding film.

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